Short 2 Line Love Shayari in English

You are in my every breath,
You are my every happiness,
Life is nothing without you
Because you are my whole life.
❤️😍 Love Shayari in English Short 😍❤️
Love Shayari in English Short
Love Shayari in English Short

what is love? What is it that makes it so incredibly beautiful? Is there any basic mantra to get love or true love is found only by luck? Can you really express your love with Love Shayari in English Short?

Everyone has their own definition and it is up to you to decide. According to me, love is indescribable. Love creates an eagerness in our minds to share our feelings with our partners. We want to tell him how much we love him, yet often we cannot find words to express our love.

The best and the worst thing about love is that it cannot be described in words. When you love someone it is difficult to express your feelings in words.

It is fortunate for us and our lovers that poets and lovers have been searching for the right words to express love for centuries. Here to help you find the right short love Shayari in English, short 2-line love Shayari in English, love Shayari in English, and 2-line love Shayari in English that can express the depth of your feelings. You can choose some love Shayari and heart-touching lines from below share and quotes which match your feelings and share them with your partner.

    2 Line Love Shayari in English, Attitude

       Suppose you live for the time being,
              Live once and see for us
    What is the status of the heart in front of you,
    I would even give my life to get you!
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Love Shayari in English for Crush

    Is there any principle in love,
    Whatever the friend may be, it is accepted.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    of my endless love
    There is only one principle,
    meet or not meet
    You are acceptable in every situation.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    Hide me between your breaths,
    If someone asks, then say that life is mine.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    keep everyone after me
    You are mine, remember this.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    Don't know why by looking at you,
    My heart beats fast.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    Are you my anxiety or my peace,
    Till today I could not understand.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    to love, to do it again
    do it again and again, do it a thousand times
    But it has to be done only with you.
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️

    no matter how sad it is,
    Happiness is just you
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari English 😍❤️

    2 Line Love Shayari in English for Girlfriend

    Even after coming to the lips, 
    it did not come on the tongue
    You are that destination of patience in love
    ❤️😍 English Love Shayari 😍❤️
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Love Shayari in English for Bf

    there are many in the world to meet
    Faces met, but love like you,
    We could not even do it by ourselves.
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari 2 Line 😍❤️

    Once you and one your love,
    My world is in these two words.
    ❤️😍 True Love Shayari 😍❤️

    There is no democracy of love,
    Otherwise, they would have made you their own by protesting.
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari for GF And BF 😍❤️

    to my love
    That's how she said yes
    He called my mother.
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari for BF 😍❤️

    ❤️😍 True Love Shayari 😍❤️
    Your heartbeat is the story of my life,
    You are an important part of my life,
    My love for you is not only of words,
    I have a soul-to-soul relationship with you.

    ❤️😍 Love English Shayari 😍❤️
    Love has no color yet it is colorful.
    Love has no face, yet it is beautiful.

    ❤️😍 Shayari English Love
    Life is sweet and very sweet,
    But only as long as I am yours and you are mine.

    ❤️😍 Shayari on Love in English 😍❤️
    I wish you could ask me what you think of me,
    I hug and say everything.

    Heart Touching Short Love Shayari in English

    ❤️😍 English Shayari for Love 😍❤️
    Love is not that in which Attitude and
    Ego be, love is that,
    In which one is an expert in sulking
    Secondly, be perfect in celebrating.
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Best Shayari of Love in English

    ❤️😍 Best Shayari for Love 😍❤️
    The two best places to live in the world are
    In someone's heart or in someone's prayers.

    ❤️😍 Love Shayari Images 😍❤️
    Thirst is not the price of water,
    Mother-in-law is not respected for death,
    Many people love the world,
    But the price is not of love but of trust.

    ❤️😍 Shayari for Love in English 😍❤️
    I will make 'excuses' to meet you,
    You smile and I will be the reason.

    ❤️😍 love poetry 😍❤️
    Neither the desire of the moon nor the request of the stars,
    It is my wish that I get only you at every birth.

    ❤️😍 Love Shayari in English 😍❤️
    Your lovely eyes made such an effect on me,
    That the heart chose you leaving everyone else.

    ❤️😍 Lovely Shayari 😍❤️
    Love is one-sided,
    Whatever is two-sided is called Naseeb.

    ❤️😍 Love Shayari Photo 😍❤️
    I'll give myself away for your smile
    You can't even imagine that I should give you so much love.

    Love Shayari in English Copy Paste

    The test of love is not easy,
    Love is not just a name to get,
    Deadlines pass by waiting for someone,
    This is not just a matter of moments.
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari img 😍❤️
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Love Shayari in English Writing

    ❤️😍 Best Love Shayari in English 😍❤️
    Love is called love, some people call it
    It is called worship but with whom we are in love
    We call them our life.

    ❤️😍 Shayari in English Love 😍❤️
    How did these stories of love happen,
    Seeing my own strangers in my own eyes,
    We don't care about the world anymore
    I became so crazy about you in love.

    ❤️😍 Heart Touching Love Shayari 😍❤️
    my dreams are too small
    list of
    first you and
    You are the last one.

    ❤️😍 Romantic Shayari in English 😍❤️
    don't know about love
    Life is you...
    don't know about life
    You are the heartbeat

    ❤️😍 New Hindi Love Shayari 😍❤️
    Love does not happen by appearance,
    Love comes from the heart,
    His face starts to look good on its own,
    Whose value is in the heart?

      ❤️😍 Deep Love Shayari for Gf 😍❤️
    Sometimes anger is more special than a smile, because…
    Smile is for everyone but
    Anger is only for those who
    We love too much.

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    Shayari in English Love Romantic

    ❤️😍 Heart Touching Deep Love Shayari 😍❤️
    life as a shadow
    want to go with you,
    Breaking all the rituals and vows of the world
    I promise to live with you.
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Short Shayari on Love in English

    ❤️😍 Latest Love Shayari 😍❤️
    You are in my every breath,
    You are my every happiness,
    Life is nothing without you
    Because you are my whole life.

    We don't want to lose you
    I don't want you to cry in parting,
    You always remain our love,
    We also do not want to belong to anyone else.
    ❤️😍 Love Shayari Image 😍❤️

    ❤️😍 love shayari 😍❤️
    My heart doesn't care about you,
    I don't remember anyone except you
    I want to see you every day,
    That time never comes.

    ❤️😍 shayari on love 😍❤️
    You are the contract of the beating heart,
    You are the spring of decorated gatherings,
    You are waiting for longing eyes,
    You are the first and last love of my life.

    ❤️😍 love shayari English 😍❤️
    Don't look at me so much,
    To be a rebel for your love,
    I don't have that much love for Ishq-ye-jaam,
    May I become addicted to the poison of love?

    ❤️😍 best love Shayari in English 😍❤️
    You are the celebrity, my heart is happy,
    When you are in trouble, my eyes cry,
    You go away, I feel restless
    Try it sometime, love is like this.

    ❤️😍 love shayari 😍❤️
    Our life has changed with you,
    Your happiness is most important to us,
    And there is no desire, no desire,
    You just stay with us, this is our wish.

    Love Shayari in English for Boyfriend 120 Words

    ❤️😍 poetry for love 😍❤️
    You are the smile on my face
    You are my heart's happiness
    You are the smile on my lips
    This heart of mine beats for whom
    You are my life
    Love Shayari in English Short
    Love Shayari in English Short

    Short Love Shayari in English for Girlfriend

    ❤️😍 love Shayari in English 😍❤️
    You yourself don't know how lovely you are,
    You are our life but you are dearer than life,
    No matter the distance,
    You were ours yesterday and you are ours even today.

    ❤️😍 love shayri 😍❤️
    I am the heart and you are my breath
    I am the body and you are my life
    I want you to be my worship
    I am intoxicated and you are my habit.

    ❤️😍 English love shayari 😍❤️
    Love is not what is shown to the world,
    Love is that which is played from the heart.

    ❤️😍 love Shayari in English 😍❤️
    You don't need to worry
    I can't say anywhere that mention is you?

    ❤️😍 love shayari 😍❤️
    You are in my memories, or you are in me,
    Are you in my thoughts, or are you my thoughts,
    My heart asks with a thud, the same thing again and again,
    You are in my life, or you are my life.

    ❤️😍 English shayari love 😍❤️
    Life starts with relationships,
    The relationship starts with love,
    Love starts with loved ones,
    And it starts with you.

    ❤️😍 Shayari Love 😍❤️
    love is not what you
    do mine
    love is that which makes you
    Let it not happen to anyone else.

    ❤️😍 ishq shayari 😍❤️
    Neither an angel is needed
    No miss world needed
    I am a mad woman who can settle in my heart like you
    Want a simple queen.

    ❤️😍 best love shayari 😍❤️
    I wish there was a shop of happiness somewhere,
    and we would be recognized there,
    Fills your every moment with happiness,
    Even if its price was my life.

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